If you are with someone or just love relationship quotes, we have 80 couple love quotes that will warm your heart, put a smile on your face and make you want to kiss the one you love.

80 Quotes For Couples In Love

Holding hands❤

So true! Ten's hand in mine is a wonderful feeling. Pinned by Elsa Frost <<<I will hold your hand as long as you want me to, because I love feeling your hand in mine, too!


Love is.when all he wants to do is hold your hand.He holds my heart, might as well hold my hand too .


Inspiring picture boy and girl, forever, hands, love, quote. Find the picture to your taste!

Missing someone!❤️ It is and I woke up missing you as I do every everyday, hour, minute and second of my life! You are my heart and soul.you are the love of my life! I can never tell you this enough!


And my hear's at home when my hand is holding yours - (Love this quote for a wedding sign)