Honeycomb Candy

Here& a yummy really honey flavored honeycomb candy. It is a crisp and sweet yummy honey treat. It only takes a few ingredients too.

Honeycomb Candy

Simple Honeycomb Candy Recipe ~ This is a delicious homemade recipe for honeycomb candy made with honey. Some people call it seafoam candy, some people call it sponge candy but I call it delicious. It's not as hard as you might think to make. Come grab th

Homemade Honey Candy

Homemade Honey Candy from SixSistersStuff.Com, just in time for the start of the holiday season! similar to bit o honey

Honey Hard Candy

Honey Taffy

This one-ingredient Honey Taffy Recipe from My Recipes is the perfect holiday treat!

Honey Taffy -- An Easy One Ingredient

Honey Lollipops for Licking, Stirring, and Gifting

Honey Lollipops for Licking, Stirring, and Gifting. One easy recipe makes soothing honey lollipops or honey stirrers to mix into a cup of tea! Try Albergian honey in this recipe!

Honey & Vinegar Candy -- 1 cup honey cup apple cider vinegar (or fruit infused vinegar) (optional) teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Honey Candied Pecans - Healthy Clean Eating

Look how pretty this is—Honey Candy–for your…Honey. It tastes so good and I’ve even been told that it makes a lovely, soothing throat drop. I’m a bit more interested in it as a candy, because, well–it’s just the kinda girl I am.

Make your own candy at home for the kids! Here are two easy recipes, Honey Nut Butter Candy and Honey & Vinegar Candy. How do you think home made candy beats store bought candy with regards to being healthy and green?