The Hope Diamond! Museum of Natural History, Washington D. The weight of the Hope diamond for many years was reported to be carats. In 1974 it was removed from its setting and found actually to weigh carats. It is classified as a type IIb diamond,

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The Hope Diamond - photo by Chip Clark // putting this in 'Clothing and Accessories' I thought might be a bit pretentious.

The Hope is a diamond that’s believed to be cursed, despite its positive moniker I saw this at the Smithsonian .

The new temporary setting, “Embracing Hope,” was designed by Harry Winston Inc. and unveiled and placed on public display Nov. The event marks the anniversary of the Hope Diamond’s donation to the museum in 1958 and the anniversary of the museum.

Blue Hope Diamond originating from Kollur Mine, India. Said to be cursed, its believed Louis XIV bought it for Marie Antonette before french civil war which led to both of them being guillotined. Records show it was King Louis who wore it mostly.

The Hope Diamond's new, but temporary, setting is called "Embracing Hope", & was designed by Harry Winston Inc. to commemorate the anniversary of the company's donation of the gem to the Smithsonian Institution. The setting took 8 months to create

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The Hope Diamond - formerly one of the crown jewels of France, having at one time adorned King Louis XIVs Order of the Golden Fleece as well as being used in other pieces from time to time. It was looted during the revolution and re-cut.

"The Heart of the Ocean" This Ocean Diamond Necklace is probably the most famous necklace in movie history. The Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace worn by Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic is a piece of cinematic history.

Hand that held history - Harry Winston. The carat emerald cut Jonker diamond is at the center. Top left is the carat pear shaped Star of the East diamond. The carat blue Hope diamond rests between his index and middle finger.

The Hope Pearl is one of the most famous salt water pearls. Named after its former owner Henry Philip Hope, who also owned the Hope Diamond. The Hope Pearl is gold and white and weighs grains. It is currently at the Natural History Museum in London.

Hope Diamond once known as the French Blue. It was part of the French Crown Jewels and worn by Marie Antoinette.