Cheesy pick up lines. I would give someone my number if they said this to me. hahahaha.

50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life

Big Bang Theory and a cheesy pickup line combines? Yupp. That's perfect.

Funny pictures about Geek pick-up line. Oh, and cool pics about Geek pick-up line. Also, Geek pick-up line photos.

funny pictures - Animal Memes: Pickup Line Panda - But Only if It's Properly Laid Out on the Curb

Awesomely horrible pick up line no. 147.

Funny pictures about Wanna feel my sweater? Oh, and cool pics about Wanna feel my sweater? Also, Wanna feel my sweater?

Top 20 Funniest Pick-Up Lines for Nurses:

My love for you is like diarrhea The more I look at this kids face I laugh even harder

book of numbers mormon pick up line

16 Mormon Pick Up Lines To Win Over Your Crush

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pick up lines You remind me of my pinkie toe.little, cute, and I'll probably bang you on the coffee table later tonight

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15 Horrible Pick-Up Lines

The Best 100 Cheesy Pick Up Lines [From Her]

The Best 100 Cheesy Pick Up Lines [From Her]

Our dating expert Courtney read through thousands of cheesy pick up lines to put together this list of the 100 absolute best funny and cheesy pick up lines.

Horrible Pick-Up Lines #bts #bangtan

Ohhhh my goshhhh Jungkookkkk I got two cookies and a carrot for youuu Ohhhh myyyy geeeee *freaks outtt* Nuuu my babies are still too young for all of this