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If you're staying at a hotel this summer, learn about 10 things your hotel housekeeper won't tell you! #tips #travel

10 Things Your Hotel Housekeeper Won't Tell You

Hotel Housekeeping - Things your housekeeper won't tell you (but would appreciate you knowing)

[( Bathroom Cleaning Secrets From the Pros : HGTV )]  use hottest water possible to wash tub (doubles effectiveness of alkaline cleaners) | allow disinfectants 5-7 minutes contact time to work | rinse thoroughly so cleansers, which attract soil, don't form a worse build up | dry off surfaces using color-coded cloths (blue: mirrors, glass)(yellow: toilet)(pink: tub, sinks)

Bathroom Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Maids vacuum the opposite way that you've been taught.

11 Cleaning Secrets to Steal From Hotel Maids

The Palm Springs resort everyone is talking about: L'Horizon.

Steve Hermann Reinvents an Iconic Palm Springs Hotel

Built in 1952 by legendary Desert Modern architect William F. Cody as a Palm Springs retreat for Jack Wrather, the former Horizon Hotel gets a new life as L’Horizon Resort and Spa.

Awesome article, how to speed clean like a pro; use basic supplies, keep them all in an organizer with trash bags and rags, clean 1 space at a time and FINISH it, scrub with 2 hands, turn off your phone, NO DISTRACTIONS, always DECLUTTER 1st

Take a speed-cleaning lesson from the pros! Paid cleaning services are masters of the art of speedy, efficient cleaning.

Jennifer Lawrence's dream job.  She's welcome to come clean and snoop through my house anytime.

Jennifer is seriously so funny I love her :) (I found my dream job)