Learn how to put coconut oil on your hair to stop it from going gray, thinning or falling out

How Coconut Oil can Prevent Grey Hair, Thinning Or Falling Out of Hair

Coconut oil and lemon paste, it changes gray hair to your natural color! Why do some people go gray in their while others don’t see the first sign of .

How Bourgeois: Seven Best Tips & Tricks for Successfully Growing Your Gray Hair Out!

Hello all of my beautiful, wonderful silver sisters! If you are finding your way here to How Bourgeois from this particular b.

Aging gracefully isn't about being older and looking old... for me, it's about accepting one's self... grey or not. This young woman obviously is comfortable in her own skin. Yeah for her. She's beautiful.

Can I compliment all the ladies who are rockin naturally greying hair? Post your pics

Arlynne notes: This is pretty ideal to what I'm looking for. Love the final shade of gray and how roots are still dark and kind of still in there (also, to give me leeway when my natural hair starts growing out, it'll hopefully just blend in), but still letting the gray be the star of the show. Love the way it looks more natural than flashy and silver.

DIY Hair: How to Get Granny Gray Hair

Ultimate Natural Hair Puff Tutorial for Type 4B/4C Natural Hair

Ultimate Natural Hair Puff Tutorial for Type 4B/4C Natural Hair

Detailed natural hair puff tutorial, learn how to do a high puff on natural hair. The natural hair afro puff hairstyle for black women is cute and easy to.

Products for graying hair

From high-tech blue rinses to 'hair varnish', the products you need to make grey locks look glam

Color enhancing tips for woman with gray hair. So doing, tired of either a calico cat effect or roots from solid color.

The Gray Hair Bible

The Gray Hair Bible: "a growing number of women - courageous, rebellious, or just exhausted by the tedium of coloring -are going brazenly, vividly gray!