Learn the secrets behind Singapore Chow Mei Fun!

Singapore Chow Mei Fun

We've recently fallen in love with Singapore Chow Mei Fun, the rice noodles specifically, so, I'm gonna try my hand at it. Save that money :D

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Chinese Beef Chow Fun

This easy recipe for beef chow fun recreates a staple food of Cantonese cuisine quickly using beef, baby corn, black bean sauce, and rice noodles.

Cantonese Beef Chow Fun | Cooking Hawaiian Style. Note: Uses 8 oz. sirloin beef and 1 lb fresh flat rice noodles (hor fun).

Hong Kong style beef chow fun is a staple dish of Cantonese cuisine. To make this dish at home, I recommend using a nonstick wok or .

Spice mice cookies~T~ These are so cute......and all thru the house not a creature was stirring,not even a mouse.

Spice Mice

Spice Mice—Kids can help search through the dried chow mein noodles for the noodles that will make the most outrageous tails.

Easy and Authentic Beef Chow Fun | Fried Rice Noodles with Beef (Dry Style) (乾炒牛河)

Good Chow Fun is hard to come by.it is difficult to make at home; the noodles stick easily to the pan. Restaurants seldom get this right either: noodles are too oily, too soft, stuck together in layers, etc.

Beef Chow Fun Noodles(Pan-Fried Ho Fun) – China Sichuan Food

Beef Chow Fun

Beef Chow Fun---Beef stir-fried with rice noodle, bean sprouts, spring onions and Chinese chives is a famous Cantonese dish.


Shrimp Mei-fun

Chinese shrimp chow mei fun prepared with dried shrimp, egg, veggies, all tossed in the wok with rice vermicelli.


Bake Sale Treats - Margaret's Sugar Cookies

scarecrows decorate by looking at the above picture Margarets Sugar Cookies 2 Cups Margarine or Butter (I use butter) 3 Cups Sugar 4 Eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla 8 T cold milk + 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 8 cups flour

Homemade Top Ramen {Low Sodium}  http://www.superhealthykids.com/homemade-top-ramen-low-sodium/

Homemade Top Ramen Recipe (Low Sodium)

Commercial top ramen has 1660 mg of sodium! Ours has Much better for kids! Homemade Top Ramen Low Sodium Healthy Ideas for Kids

Chocolate Easter Nests - 12 oz. chocolate chips, 3/4c PB, 5c chow mein noodles (10 oz. or 2 cans), candy-coated chocolate eggs; add oats if there's more chocolate mixture at the end

Chocolate Nests

or 2 cans), candy-coated chocolate eggs; add oats of there's more chocolate mixture at the end