damianrules: “ I said I’d write up a tutorial on how to make these wings. It’ll be terrible So, here goes. XD Have one or two friends to help you out. It’s easier with more hands. (For small wings you will need 3 pieces.

This woman's tutorial/walk-through on how she made her costume wings is *amazing*. Awesome creativity, and some pretty amazing engineering! Perfect for cosplay (I absolutely have to make a set of these wings)

Wings to make your Halloween costume truly soar

We received a tip on how to make wings to use with your Halloween costume. Whether you want to make angel wings or vampire wings, you can use these free instructions. All you need is some wire, pan...

How to Make a Pair of Angel Wings

DIY How to Make Lightweight Wings Where do you get this foam stuff? I need wings for my Weeping Angel costume.(Diy Clothes Making)

How to Make Wings for a Bird Costume

Wings are a main component of a bird costume, and an easy element to make. The most important parts of a bird wing are the shape and texture. A feathery element attached to the right shape creates a very authentic look. Look at pictures of the specific bird you are making wings for as inspiration for your colors and shape.

How to make wings - butterfly, bat, fairy, etc -- single and double from wire and pantyhose!

How to Make Wings for a Bird Costume