This lovely pillow full of Hufflepuff pride.

22 Bewitching Items All Harry Potter Fans Will Love

Harry Potter House Comforters Additional Image

Harry Potter House Comforters

Hogwarts House Canvas Weekend Duffle Bag- OMG I NEED THIS IS RAVENCLAW!

This Hufflepuff canvas weekend duffle bag is a great alternative to a Hogwarts trunk, just make sure you add an Undetectable Extension Charm.

Harry Potter Pants

Book Fetish: Volume 172

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Girls Jogger Pants | @giftryapp

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Hufflepuff Varsity Hoodie

Show your Potterhead house pride with this warm and amazing hoodie! This item is in preorder status and takes about 30 days to arrive.

Bleed black and yellow.

31 Gifts That Will Make Any Hufflepuff Love You Forever

Riddle isn't the only person out there with a diary. Jot all your biggest secrets and spells down on the pages on these Harry Potter journals.

Hufflepuff Bag - where is this from, is there a Ravenclaw version, and if there is, I WANT IT

This is a commissioned Hufflepuff bag. The buyer didn't want velcro on the side pockets so I used yellow buttons instead and I think it looks bette. New Hufflepuff Bag

Slowly getting just slightly better, but pretty accurate.

Slowly getting just slightly better, but pretty accurate.<---- this is really accurate, but sad for me because I'm a sorted Hufflepuff. Everyone I know says I'm Hufflepuff. And I can't show it<<<We should be able to show house pride as well!