Hase<3<3<3es tut mir leid...ich habe dich vorhin sicherlich genervt mit meiner aufdringlichen tut mir einfach nur leid... ich war nicht sonderlich feinfühlig, das ist mir gerade tut mir wirklich sehr leid <3<3<3Hase <3<3<3ich liebe dich sooooooooooo sehr<3<3<3

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It’s always exciting to get paper mail. >u penguin hug gif envelope

More followers means more Pins guys! I love all the people that follow me, and I sent you a virtual hug, but we need more followers, or we might just....shut down :(

#1 Hugs....I'm bored

Ooooooh I want to send RyRy virtual hugs always and all my friends. I'd love to do that ^___^ (Especially Ryan since I hug my friends virtually all the time so . Virtual hugs to you Ryan, dream hugs to you, I sure hope he feels my hugs) XXXXXXXXXX

#wattpad #fanfiction Qualcuno una volta ha detto che avere paura della paura stessa è la cosa più difficile, forse l'ho letto da qualche parte e sto rubando la frase di qualche bel libro dalla copertina nuova e rilegata, ma forse è vero

Wealth. - It Would Never Have Happened.

open w/ Eva I knew William had came back, but where was Chris? I was walking into school when I saw you standing at my locker with flowers in your hand. Tears form in my eyes as I walk up to you. I hug you tightly.

This gif kills me

This gif kills me; He stumbled back in shock and awe. She was hugging him, he hugged her back like it was the last hug he'd ever get, like it was the last time he'd ever see her.

My hubby told me this is how he's gonna hug me when he gets back from basic for the army....yeah I cried.

spookycamilleon: “ okay but seriously when i want a hug what i really want is a Ghibli hug. because i mean- Ghibli Hugs Look Like The Greatest Hugs in the WORld ”

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James R. Eads and Chris McDaniel

Breathe from your stomach too. Expand your tummy like there is a little balloon in there. Expand the ballon with the inhale and deflate it on the exhale.

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