Burlingham Sports Hunter Course

Beautiful jumps, ideal for the hunter rider. The course comes as an 8 jump set with 4 verticals and 4 oxers.

Memorizing Hunter Courses  Hunter jumps may not have numbers on them, but the courses are not as difficult to memorize as you would think.  A well-designed hunter course has an easy flow to it, and once you know what the typical course design is like, you should be able to find your way around almost any hunter course from knowing the first jump alone!

A guide to showing in the hunter, jumper and equitation rings

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Does anyone here know any websites that have some sample hunter and equitation courses?

9 jump course

Dash and Ashley Deacon are the place winners of the Small Dog Agility competition at the 2016 Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals hosted by .

Spice Hunter Course Black Pepper (6x1.9oz)

Spice Hunter Course Black Pepper (6x1.9oz)

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Jumps West | Hunter Courses Made of Quality PVC and Wood

Jumps West is proud to offer a variety of quality horse jumps made of PVC and wood. Our hunter courses are durable and last!