Usually I share my WIPs more on my social media sites, but just to keep you all updated I thought I would share a recent work in progress.. Its another piece of my "Nature is Crying" series. Hope y...

I am proud to reveal this large marker drawing completed with help from my new Winsor & Newton Pigment markers. Thank you Winsor & Newton for sending me these I love the blending capa.

Lumiere for Vitani by on @deviantART

Dis is gift art for ~xxx-Vitani-xxx for all her awesome stuff she draws from the roleplays we do. I hope you like it, Vitani! I& actually reasonably proud of this one. I even shaded him a lit.

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caffeous: “ mimohsa: “ mimohsa ” treat everyone with kindness,because everyone has their own stories and problems,i love you and i’m really really proud of you,:) ” I love this shade! And damn girl,.

C'est exactement ça quand tu demande à qq si il a lu les livres et qu'il dit nn prc c trop long

I’m taking French this year, and I understood what this means! It says “You like Harry Potter?” You like Peeves?” “Who is Peeves?


Revali is all like "f*** this. I'm no longer proud of the rito. Why is link here. Teba, seriously push him off of the landing I swear.

A fresh and light apartment in Malmö

A fresh and light apartment in Malmö (my scandinavian home)

Parking gratuit JeanmichelB

Parking gratuit

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Proud of you.

completely totally proud of you. You are such a wonderful daughter always seeking to better yourself.