Ahh, the Boy Album.  Bono & crew's attempt at New Wave/Punk; then the Joshua Tree album....  Bono kinda looks like Nena in this video?!

Hello, are a "unique" band who have their own style of music. This song was one of the bands first hit songs & remains my favorite.

I Will Follow God's Plan For Me - poster visuals...this is more like what I envisioned for teaching this song!

This song isn't on the schedule for this year but one of the counselor's wanted to use it as part of her sharing time so here's what I came.

Peggy March - I Will Follow Him--Loved this song. The disc jockeys always introduced her as "Little Peggy March". I named my daughter "Peggy"...subconscious, maybe...

Old footage I got from a show called 'the golden age of Rock and Roll" - excerpted from a 1964 - 1965 syndicated television series entitled "Hollywood a Go-G.

Camille's Primary Ideas: I Will Follow God's Plan Poster Board Game

Singing in Primary - LDS singing time ideas and lesson plans for Primary choristers, Primary music leaders, and music in Nursery.

1963 also saw a huge hit made by the singer Little Peggy March  with her song  'I Will Follow Him.' Songs like this will soon be buried  - the 50's and early 60's tunes are history when the Beatles hit the world and turn it upside down musically and culturally.

Hollywood A Go Go - 1965 --------------------------- It's My Party Lesley Gore --- Chorus: It's my party and i'll cry if i want to Cry if i want to Cry if i .

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André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing You'll Never Walk Alone live in Maastricht. Taken from the DVD André Rieu & Friends, more info at: http:.

Graphics from the Primary Manual for the Plan of Salvation

plan of salvation pictures These look like old school manual pictures

I Will Follow add on tee (I will follow tee ONLY) Where You Lead Set Kids tee

I Will Follow add on tee (I will follow tee ONLY) Where You Lead Set Kids tee