Apricot Jam Recipe - apricots, lemon juice, sugar - water bath 10 minutes

Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam Recipe (There’s a simple way to extend the ephemeral apricot season, and it has everything to do with this easy peasy apricot preserves recipe.

Raspberry Coconut slice. Great recipe, made two, one with apricot jam, and other raspberry jam. Would be delicious with lemon curd or other preserves!

Raspberry jam coconut slice

This delicious 7 Ingredient Coconut Jam Slice is just like Nana used to make and will never go out of fashion. Be sure to try the delicious Jam and Cinnamon Doughnut Traybake as well.

Fruit Pizza 7/21/13 - made for haileys baby shower. I forgot to put the apricot preserves on top, but it was still good

PHILADELPHIA Fruit Pizza — From a morning playdate to cocktail hour, this sweet recipe, made with a cookie dough crust and cream cheese center, is always the right thing to serve. - use cream cheese crust?

unusual jams, jellies, and preserves

Unusual jams and jellies rose petal honeysuckle tomato blueberry rhubarb jalepeno wild violet orange juice fig preserves chokecherry spiced peach preserves peach preserves pear preserves peach butter pear & so much

Sweet Whiskey Lemonade  2 oz triple sec   2 oz whiskey   1 and 1/2 oz lemon juice  2/3 oz lime juice  1 tsp. granulated sugar (super fine sugar is best, but regular baking sugar will do)  1/2 tsp. apricot preserves  3 oz. tonic water    1. In a shaker, combine all ingredients except tonic water with ice and shake well. Fill two glasses with ice and strain half of the drink mixture into each glass.  2. Top each glass off with 1 and 1/2 ounces of tonic water. Serve immediately.

Sweet Whiskey Lemonade

Slow Cooker Apricot Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Slow Cooker Apricot Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe by Paula Deen

Minnie Mouse Cake Pinner said: Used MFF, topper made from Rice Krispies with handpainted name and disco dust covered bow. Number two was handout and red bow also covered in disco dust. Cake was poppyseed with orange chocolate mouse and apricot preserves and iced in Italian buttercream under fondant. (Cake and buttercream came from bakery where I work)

- Minnie Mouse cake Cake was poppyseed with orange chocolate mouse and apricot preserves and iced in Italian buttercream under fondant.

Brie Cheese Appetizer Recipe  8oz wheel brie, apricot preserves, 1/2 package frozen puff pastry, egg white. oven at 350, put preserves in the middle of cut brie. Bake for 30 minutes (Simple Bake Brie)

"A light, fluffy puff pastry is filled with melted Brie cheese and hot fruit preserves. If you do not want a sweet wheel, you may substitute herbed cheese spread for the preserves. Baking times are the same for the substitution.

Super easy! I also do this w/ a round block of pepper jack and then wrap it w/ cresent pastry sheets

Pinner says: Made this Christmas Morning & Was Delicious! Baked Brie Crescent Roll Wrap ~ 1 jar All Fruit Spread, your favorite flavor; 1 round of your favorite Brie. Unroll Crescent rolls to form a rectangle, spread the fruit

Cape Malay Chicken Curry with Yellow Rice - Can sub apricot preserves for mango chutney.

Cape Malay chicken curry with yellow rice

Spice up chicken thighs in a South African curry, packed with flavourful spices and served with a side of sweet, fragrant rice African