I'm blessed to have family and inlaws that support my marriage ❤ When I married him, I gained another family I love ❤

"No one should come between you and your spouse. They should come alongside of you but not In laws suck

9 Types Of Toxic In-Laws & How To Know If You Have Them ...well I have them and this person has almost all of these tendencies

9 Types Of Toxic In-Laws (And How To Spot Them In The Wild)

Not everybody in the world gets along with their in-laws. but it can be a lot less funny if their behavior stops being simply annoying and starts getting toxic.

To my dear ex-in-laws. Who never ONCE tried to understand me but only tried to change me to be their mold of ideal.

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SO important to remember: Never waste time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.

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My sister-in-law posted this the other day. It is too true not to share.

I wish people realized that you cant treat me like crap, fake being nice and when i bring up a concern, its brushed off like it isnt real because if its not about them they dont care.