Indian weddings are opulent and extravagant. If you’re hunting for special wedding nail art designs, continue reading. Here are the top bridal nail designs to fit

18 Chic Nail Designs for Short Nails

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15 Minion Nails That Are Anything But Despicable

It’s very nice contrast option of design for your nails. The most delicate shade of milky-peach colour of the base sets of the black colour very good, whic

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10 Of The Best Nail Art Instagrammers

Love this for spring and summer. A bit softer and more sophisticated than neons, though I'll still have a place in my polish rack for them.

Pop Culture Nail Art: What do your favorite games, movies and TV shows look like painted on a set of nails? Take a peek to find out….

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We Did A Little Research And Found The Ultimate Nail Hues Every Bride Is Sporting These Days!

NailArt and Things: Holo Hestia+ Curvy Indian Nail Art

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