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Easy Indoor Activities : Rainy Day Activities, Snow Day Fun for Kids

Kids Birthday Party Game Ideas For Summer |

Rainy days:Brassy Apple: DIY laser maze kids activity using crepe paper! You would be surprised how easily kids get in awe when u create a unique fun game at home for this saves you all the dollars you would be spending at the arcade.

When we travel with kids,  regardless of our hotel choice and the amenities it provides, there are always a few...

DIY Kids Hotel Activity Pack

Stole this idea from another pinterest post....Hung balloons upside down using streamers.... Gave me a great pic of the birthday boy waiting for his party guests!! 1st-birthday-yo-gabba-gabba-style by candy

Hang balloons upside down using streamers. a great pic of the birthday boy waiting for his party guests!

First Birthday Circus Party

Carnival/Circus Birthday Party Ideas

ANOTHER GAME TO PLAY WITH THE HERD- Ball Toss. Would also make a great "rainy day" activity. You could even find tubs or buckets of varying sizes (like nesting bins) for more of a challenge for the older kids (Think Skee-ball).

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Balloon tennis for an indoor gross motor sensory play game! An easy DIY game that is great for summer camp!

Balloon Tennis Indoor Gross Motor Play Activity

Simple balloon tennis game for a quick energy buster. Balloon tennis makes a great indoor gross motor play idea. Balloons are always a hit with kids.

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Hang a target for paper airplanes. This is supposedly for children. I LOVE THIS AND I'M AN ADULT.

37 Activities Under $10 That Will Keep Your Kids Busy On A Snow Day

Paper Airplane Target practice - This would be an appropriate quick break or earned time activity. Middle school boys always want to throw planes. Would need an "airport" to store the planes in.