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Savory Turkey Injection Marinade

10 Turkey Injection Marinade Recipes: Butter Based Injection Sauce

6 Turkey Injection Marinade Recipes

10 Turkey Injection Marinade Recipes: Butter Based Injection Sauce

6 Turkey Injection Marinade Recipes

I use 1 bottle of white wine with 1 C melted butter to inject in our holiday bird - use any leftover to add to your broth for basting and gravy.

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Turkey Injection Recipe

We did a quick test run on a turkey breast for Thanksgiving today. I've done a lot of different turkey preparations over the past few years.

My recipe for rum injected double smoked ham perfect for Thanksgiving or any day of the year includes some last minute tips for smoking turkey.

Rum Injected Double Smoked Ham - Smoking Meat Newsletter--also-Smoked Coffee Brined Ribs- Smoked Shrimp-Smoked Chicken Wings-Spiral-cut Smoked Hotdogs And More++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Good recipe base, will add my own Cajun Seasoning Blend for rub and injection:

Deep-Fried Turkey Breasts

Deep Fried Turkey Breasts Recipe: Deep Fried Turkey Breasts Thanksgiving Food Recipe Share and enjoy!

Halloween Jello Shots in syringes:  3 oz strawberry jello, 1 c water, 1/2 cup vodka, 1/4 cup midori/melon liqueur, 1/4 cup peach schnapps:  bring water to boil, pour over gelatin, add alcohol, chill, use turkey baster to fill syringes

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Fill syringes with jello- great for a 'scary' party or Halloween party. Instead of jello, I would put alcohol in the syringes to go with a drink. you can add the amount of alcohol you want in your drink

Need to try a different bone broth method, getting bored with mine.

Beef Bone Broth

Making Beef Bone Broth Image - Good for many things, going to start making beef and chicken bone broth.

Get this all-star, easy-to-follow Apple Injected Smoked Pork recipe from Patrick and Gina Neely

Apple Injected Smoked Pork

Savory Turkey Injection - Foodcollection GesmbH/Getty Images

Cajun Turkey Injection Marinade

This is the classic solution injected into the meat of turkeys which are fried Cajun style.