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50 Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings from top artists around the world

Drawing from earlier today. #illustration #mountains #art

Drawing from earlier today. #illustration #mountains #art (STEEL BISON)

Drawing from earlier today. Great tattoo idea but have hands cupping a forest valley as if the hands were the mountains

Mandala Coloring Page Black & White Mandala Drawing

Mandala Coloring Page - Black & White Mandala Drawing - Spiritual Coloring Page - Adult Coloring Book Page - Lotus Mandala Coloring Download

This is beautiful wish I could draw like this!!! So jealous!

What Wizard/Witch Are You?

Water is very sensitive to energy and even has a memory. And water has incredible power. The water spirit is revered in many cultures as protector, giver of life and ultimate purifier. Tap into her energy by putting thoughts of gratitude into your drinkin

This looks so fun! 30 day drawing challenge

30 Day Drawing Challenge?

Looking to take your drawing to the next level? Need an excuse to break out your pencils, pens or markers? Join us for the Craftsy 31-Day Drawing Challenge for the month of August!

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I like how an idea can sprout into something big. This is what this image is trying to tell you.

What Kind Of Mind Do You Have?

GAHHH!! I wanted to draw a picture like this sooo bad last year! This is so beautiful.

60 Mind-Blowing Pencil Drawings

reflection in an eye, with tear, sad, leaving, saying goodbye someone is walking away forever .

Wow this is kinda making me not want to attempt painting anymore Haha

Offensive Wallpapers

Week of These pictures of the different animals are all very unique and different. I love how the lines twirl and wisp on the paper. Those lines help the animal come to life on the page. Drawings by Katy Lipscomb

Pen and Ink Mehndi Inspired Drawings by ThingsJaniceMakes on Etsy, $40.00

Pen and Ink Mehndi Inspired Drawings

Pen and Ink Mehndi Inspired Drawings by ThingsJaniceMakes on Etsy