What You Need To Know About Interior Design [INFOGRAPHIC] -- Marvelous visual of a crash course in using basic design principles in interiors!

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Who Wants to Learn Interior Design? Here are 8 Free Online Courses

Best free online resources to learn interior design strategies for your home. Design tricks and tips Interior Design for how-to for personal use

D*mn Good Advice For Interior Design Students

Interior Design History: Decorating Styles Through the Ages

Fantastic article on design fees, not slanted from either point of view, just articulates well the range of serves and you get what you pay for. Orig article by: Linda Merrill design service prices

How to Become an Interior Designer

Many people use the terms "interior designer" and "interior decorator" interchangeably, however there is a difference. Anyone can wake up in the morning and call themselves an interior decorator, just as they could call themselves an artist.

30 Elegant Living Room Colour Schemes

Modern Interior Design Ideas~ Neutral Greys and Creams. Simple and clean design for the living room.

20 Badass Interior Design Blog Post Ideas

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RMCAD prepares students for a variety of artistic jobs. Find out what a career in interior design can offer you.