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Iridology Laminated Chart

This chart covers in simple format the various types of irises and what kind of corresponding health concerns each owner may have, according to Iridology. Iridologychart

Iridology chart for the iris of the left eye defines the many iridology zone details charted to show how iridology relates to tissues & organs of the human body.

A perfect iris     has never been seen because all individuals show some degree of tissue weakness, whether it was inherited from ancestors, developed from poor health habits or environment,     or a result of     emotional stress.

Do You Have a Spot on Your Iris? This Is What It Means

It's often been said that the eye's are the window to the soul. In iridology we observe any markings on the iris surface, around the iris rim and pupil edge noting down details on an Iris Chart.

Sclerology (the study of the markings in the 'whites' of the eyes to determine health imbalances) explained

Sclerology is the science of evaluating the vascular patterns and colors within the sclera(white portion of the eyes) to accurately determine pathology, cleansing and healing.

Iridology- the study of the correlation of the iris and body

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