Life I wish I led everyday . . . Not a care in the world. Chilling at some European/Italian cafe

Daybreak jaunt ending with a stay at a local coffee shop/breakfast destination for hours to read (preferably in a peaceful breezy outdoor nook). This happens to be a beautifully captured photo of a dream location - a cozy café in Paris.

sweet little coffee shop w/a Juliet balcony over the register area....

This is the type of coffee shop I picture for when James, Hugo, and Miss Motherhenny are talking to each other. It reminds me of a small town coffee shop where most of the patrons know each other and (Cool Places Small Towns)

italian caffe - my favorite part of visting italy (next to gelato!)

Caffè Italiano-Reminds me of the cappuccino bar, that I "hit" every morning on the way to work, when I lived in Florence, Italy.

Canal cafe, Venice, Italy ..

Dining Around the World al fresco

Italian Markets  yes shop with your lover, your friend, your soul mate, and if they meet all of those above,  marry her I did, and celebrate it every day of your life.  For I have her on lease from God, we are not guaranted tomorrow, even you children , grandkids, some one close always, always tell them    " I Love U " for you dont have a second chance to do it right the first time.  Caio

This reminds me of our trip to Italy."don't touch the fruit! No need to sniff it, the store owner will pick it out for you!"- good to know Italian shopping,.

Cafe - Pienza, Tuscany....I want to sit here with a glass of wine....

One of my favorite things about going to Italy was all of the street cafes and restaurants. There was food available around every corner it seemed, always with a beautiful setting and outdoor seating.

I wanna go here and have coffee with my friends:)

世界は美しい on

Such a cool restaurant, the hostesses sing opera while you eat-romantic!!   Philly Italian Classic with Opera singing waiters, Victor Cafe.

Victor Cafe-Philly Italian Classic with Opera singing waiters. Such a cool restaurant, the hostesses sing opera while you eat-romantic.