Jack Johnson with these cute dogs

Jack Johnson /Jack Johnson, of Jack and Jack. Single He loves music, and rapping. He's more into alcohol and partying than he is drugs but he has done drugs before

Jack Johnson

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((Jack Johnson)) "aye I'm Jack. I'm 22 and single-" I wink "it was a hookup. She didn't want the baby. I didn't want it to have to go through the suffer of being an orphan, like I was. I kept him. I named him Nicholas, after Nicholas Cage-" I chuckle "I call him Nick though. He's a really good kid. Introduce?"

Hey, I'm Jack! I'm and I've got a twin sister, Sloan. I love to rap and make people laugh.

Hayes Grier(my boyfriend), Nash Grier, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Cameron Dallas, and Carter Reynolds

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Hayes Grier, Jack Gilinsky, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Jack Johnson and Carter Reynolds

Jack Johnson Vs Jess Willard. Oriental Park, Havana, Cuba. 1915.

Jack Johnson Vs Jess Willard. Oriental Park, Havana, Cuba. 1915.

Great... My abusive ex is back... Might as well just cancel the date... He's gonna ruin it anyway... Make Chance not like me -Jack

I decided to be a nerd for today. "who wants to hangout" -Jack

{Face claim: Jack Johnson} Hey, I'm Jack. I'm 18 and single. Danielle is my twin! Hurt her and you'll regret it! I like to rap and play basketball with Danielle. I'm just a shadow in my sister's light... Introduce?- Jack

Hey I'm Jack J! Definitley the cooler Jack! *laughs* Kaz is my little sister so yah.