The Silver Surfer by Jack Kirby A character far more interesting than Superman.

"Silver Surfer" Into the deep Space, comic panel, ©Marvel c. - Art by Jack Kirby (b. 1917 - d.

Behold The Psychedelic Glory Of Jack Kirby's Argo Art, In Color At Last

Behold The Psychedelic Glory Of Jack Kirby's Argo Art, In Color At Last

Lord of Light - Royal Chambers of Brahma. Black-light poster art by Jack Kirby with color by Barry Geller.

Galactus By Jack Kirby

Galactus By Jack Kirby. I love how this superior being looked somehow different every time Kirby drew him.

Jack Kirby Hulk by on @deviantART

It's been awhile since I've done some drawing, so got inspired to practice my digital inking on a Jack Kirby Hulk image. While keeping true to the King of comics' original art, I have snuck one or .

Jack Kirby: The Man Behind Marvel Comics. - Life magazine 1966 ~ I wonder how the humble Stan Lee enjoyed this article.

Badass Hall of Fame: Jack Kirby