Jaguar XK. 1950. Maintenance of old vehicles: the material for new cogs/casters/gears/pads could be cast polyamide which I (Cast polyamide) can produce

1950 Jaguar Roadster, oh it so should be a creature! Car in the whole world!

My Dee Dee's old car......  Love it's curves.... very sexy!!!

Another weakness of mine: old roadsters! Nothing defines romance better than a stylish roadster.

1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

jaguar roadster de 1954 a jag... oh baby!!! my mum's before she pass away but was silver

1954 Jaguar Roadster via doyoulikevintage Classic and antique cars. Sometimes custom cars but mostly classic/vintage stock vehicles.