Actress Janet Leigh (1927-2004) was born in Merced CA and grew up in Stockton CA.

Janet Leigh

20th-century-man: Janet Leigh in a production still from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960)

20th-century-man: Janet Leigh in a production...

PSYCHO - Janet Leigh prepares to shoot the famous hotel love scene with John Gavin - Directed by Alfred Hitchcock - Paramount - Publicity Still.

~Janet Leigh~ Quote: Could almost be the only picture on this whole board; it's the most perfect example of that casual 1940s/1950s daily wear style I've seen.

This picture has been attributed to be of Janet Leigh seen wearing brown flats, a green long sleeve T-shirt, a brown thin waist belt, and a beige and white stripe waist-high knee length circle skirt (ca.

Janet Leigh...beautiful...mother of Jamie Lee Curtis

With Women’s Day around the corner, what can be better than a tribute to Hollywood’s leading ladies in the Golden Era?

Janet Leigh, 1950s  Wife of Tony Curtis & Mother of   Jaime Leigh Curtis! She was the shower victim in psycho! Rek..rek..rek!

Janet Leigh: born Jeanette Helen Morrison in California, “discovered” as a 17 year old by actress Norma Shearer while holidaying at the ski resort where Morrison’s parents worked. Later she would become Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous murder victim in