Hideaki Hamada Photography - Haru and Mina

japanese school children on the way or back. in japan, kids walk to the school with a group of children who live nearby or friends unlike parents in the uk give them a lift. photo by Hideaki Hamada.

Family Chic Chopstick Trick    great "assist" for a Japanese party -- to help those who might need the help -- they double as placecard holders, with the clip at the end!

DIY spring-back chop sticks could be used to work on fine motor skills and coordination for kids. You can use them with food, small item manipulation activities, or any other task that requires fine motor coordination.

"minimal Japanese clothes for kids"

Discover this simple, minimal kids clothes collection from Japan. Shihoshi makes chic clothes in neutral colours with bags of style.

Japanese language - I keep little charts like this in my notebook from time to time, when I'm studying languages

Japanese language (animal) - I keep little charts like this in my notebook from time to time, when I'm studying languages

Math- it doesn't have to be as complicated as we currently teach it.

Wish I knew about this before…

math: Fun math trick and a visual representation of multiplication that actually makes sense and goes pretty quickly (aka students don't have to draw 25 groups of

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Cutest Little Girl in Japan Perfectly Captures the Joys of Childhood

Meet Marai Chan—the adorably photogenic whose carefree innocence is capturing the hearts of people around the world.

kids craft #kids japanese kids craft kokeshi dolls on card

Landen - Wereld - Japan - kaart met pop (alleen foto) - kids craft - kokeshi dolls on card - Japanese Culture for Kids -

kokeshi doll: japanese kids art

Kokeshi dolls are characterized by their lack of arms and legs, as well as their brightly painted kimono in floral designs and geometric patterns. We prepared the background, and the paper the flowers were cut from, before coloring and cutting out the .

This is a pretty great system. This might be a good fit (or something like it) for the kids bathroom.    Sliding Door Room Divider Design

This is a pretty great system. This might be an idea for the living area partition. Sliding door, room divider design could be adapted to look more Asian to suit individual styles rather than Oriental style in the photo.

Japanese kids learn to multiply with a completely different method than the one kids in the US do. The Japanese math voodoo/magic is more of a visual technique where you draw lines and count the intersections.

Quickly Multiply Big Numbers the Japanese Way

Windsock KoiNoBuri http://thecraftyclassroom.com/crafts/japan-crafts-for-kids/japanese-carp-kite-craft/

Windsock KoiNoBuri http://thecraftyclassroom.com/crafts/japan-crafts-for-kids/japanese-carp-kite-craft/