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I'm waching your movie the Hostage "Xhef telli " and it's awsome :p (and because i saw it couple times) :D

he looks handsome while laughing over here, but i remember when i first saw him laughing in Jimmy Falon- water fight show, i was like " Does this guy laugh as well?" and i was laughing alot because he looked stupid while laughing at that time. But now i am used to that goofy laugh

Need new visual, with an actor. Jason Statham for Len? Except, you know, totally shaved and inked? My other option is Vin Diesel, but I don't think Vin looks old enough (even though he is). I see Statham these days when I think of Len.

Jason Statham - sexiness

Dictionary: the meaning of Jason Statham: perfect smile, perfect beard, perfect body, perfect man.

Mmm hello there biceps!! ...he's gotta be the finest thing walking this earth. #ThinkImInLove #JasonStatham #I'dRapeHim

"Jason Statham Kick Boxing" ~ he may be borderline old enough to be my dad, but he is still so sexy. Never thought I'd ever say that about a man with a receding hairline.