#wattpad #fanfic ❝-Lo siento, Jiminie...-susurró Jungkook en el oído de su novio.- pero es que adoro hacértelo mientras duermes.❞ Advertencia: versatilidad.

Somnofilia ❅ KookMin/JiKook - Capítulo 7

Anonymous said: LETS TALK ABOUT JIKOOK ! Okay, so you mentioned Jimin started to give up and just put some distance with Jungkook.

「so far away 」

Park Jimin ↳ ”You definitely cheered me up when i was down for not being able to see my parents.

Jimin and Jungkook I like how they do NOTHING CX too cute

the people that can be with park jimin: Me Jungkook

Souls Voice ✟ Ji+kook - ★1.2★ I Know You - Wattpad

Souls Voice ♡ Ji+kook - ★1.2★ I Know You

Read _game three_ from the story PRINCE 「jikook」 by jiminfication (tzunugget) with reads. ff, jimin, jikook. Jungkook wasn't sure of what he registe.

Yo debería hacer eso -.-


Read BTS - JiKook (M) from the story Smut Collection // One Shots

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Jimin: Are you picking a fight, Kookie? Jungkook: *playful sneer* Jimin: *pushed against door* (oh my, Jikook?) Jungkook: *sends stick flying at Jimin* Me: and this is why I love BTS


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Presos del deseo y de la seducción, haciendo frente a todas las menti… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

Ireon: Jiminie, cant you just wait a few minutes to touch your little bunny? You are in front of cameras.I think he just cant hold himself when he saw his boyfriends ass.

Amo este gif :V

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Jikook is so beautiful~ and woah there with the high tech sexy time positions. We don't (really do) need to know what you guys do in the bedroom.

Jikook <3 Same Jimin, I cant take him serious either

Jikook Same Jimin, I cant take him serious either😂😂🤣🤣


Se fizer fic jikook no spirit me chama pra ler ~ wilka