A Wolf Illustrations Blog: Joe Madureira Sketchbook

Joe Madureira Thor Sketch Notice neck-to-face proportion! Maybe a bit exaggerated, but still explains a bit about proportions between neck and face on comic book heroes. You may tend to make this proportion too "slim".

Justice League Rebirth #1 by Joe Madureira                                                                                                                                                     More

Justice League: Rebirth variant cover by Joe 'MAD!' Madureira - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


Red Monika from Battle Chasers pin up by the man himself Joe Mad!

Red Monika sketch by Joe Madueira  Joe mad, as he's known by other artists, is hard to beat. The man can draw like an angel. (Of either kind.)

A fan site for the incredible artwork of Joe Madureira! Includes up to date news, and his newest artwork in the comic and video game industry.

Jean Grey by Joe Madureira, yup- I pinned this to be my character image for the DC heroes game. I am that dorky.

Character 20 Awesome Character Designs and Backgrounds by Jose Alves da Silva Jean Grey by Joe Madureira

Joe Madureiras Felicia

Felicia, from Darkstalkers ~ Vampire Savior. I am doing a pink/black Felicia cosplay in the future.

Black Bolt and Medusa by Joe Madureira

Joe Mad Joe Madureira sketch Black Bolt and Medusa by Joe Madureira

Battle Chasers Nightwar in-game Garrison Portrait - Joe Madureira (Penciler)…

Battle Chasers Nightwar in-game Garrison Portrait - Joe Madureira (Penciler)…:

Joe Madureira ! Fansite: Joe Madureira Crowfall Collaboration and Battle Chasers: Nightwar Release Date!

Today Joe Madureira was on a live Twitch stream for the upcoming MMO game Crowfall by ArtCraft Entertainment. During the live feed he reveal.