John Robert Fowles (31 March 1926 – 5 November 2005) was an English novelist and essayist. In 2008, The Times newspaper named Fowles among their list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945".

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John Fowles. Quite possibly the only Author I have gathered and read all the books of. Genius.

John Fowles - English novelist of international stature, critically positioned between modernism and postmodernism. His work reflects the influence of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, among others.

The Collector - Shannon Freshwater Illustration

John Fowles: The Collector Reader Submission: Title by Guadalupe de la Fuente.

“I love making, I love doing. I love being to the full, I love everything which is not sitting and watching and copying and dead at heart.”

The Collector - John Fowles A marvelous book that became a beautifully terrifying film. I was so inspired by this innovative narration technique that I've tried to emulate and expand on it in my own writing.

John Fowles, The Collector

John Fowles, The Collector

The Magus, by John Fowles....reading it for 2nd time with book group. One incredible ride...Read this book!

the magus john fowles First read this book in then I read the revised edition in Still haunted by it! John Fowles is the best!

The french Lieutenant woman. Design by Keith Hayes. Collage by Eduardo Recife

The French Lieutenant’s Woman

First Edition: 'The French Lieutenant’s Woman' by John Fowles

First Edition: 'The French Lieutenant’s Woman' by John Fowles

Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 109, John Fowles

John Fowles, The Art of Fiction No. 109