Josephine Baker. #HarlemRainassance #MoveUptown and become a part of #Harlem community. Follow @bohemiarealty

17 Stunning Images of Black Women During the Harlem Renaissance Era

Josephine Baker. #HarlemRainassance #MoveUptown and become a part of #Harlem community. Follow @bohemiarealty

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Beautiful Black People: The Image of Performer Josephine Baker - "Josephine Baker. (Source: James E.

Josephine Baker was known as 'Black Venus' - extrememely interesting

Wilder than her pet cheetah, the sex-mad Black Venus who outwitted the Nazis: Remarkable story of Josephine Baker as Rihanna is set to play legendary seductress in biopic

Josephine Baker in de kleedkamer van het Johan Strauss Theater in Wenen. 1928.

vintagegal: “ Josephine Baker backstage at the Johann Strauss Theatre in Vienna, 1928 (via) ”

"I like Frenchmen very much, because even when they insult you they do it so nicely." - Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker - while although she was slightly exploited for who she was and her race, she was a pioneer of liberation in the shows not only a prominent female figure but also the style of movie posters/music posters/art in general