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Milkweed seed and exposed pods. We love this plant. Only lotus have a more complex flower. This native to our vegetable farm feeds and hosts butterflies. They are an incredible ecological keystone species. Without them we lose the Monarch. Beautiful in bloom as in cold silence of winter. #ecology #diversity #sustainability #naturalfarming #nature #biology #ecofarm #regenerativeagriculture #beneficialinsects #beneficialplants #beneficialplants #butterfly #milkweed #milkweedseeds…

Some Animals Are More Equal than Others: Keystone Species and Trophic Cascades | HHMI BioInteractive

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Keystone Species: Animals With Critical Roles

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Keystone Species: Animals With Critical Roles

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Keystone Species

Keystone species refers to an organism that plays a critical role in its environment, one that may become apparent only once it is removed from an ecosystem.

Some animals are more equal than others keystone species and Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Keystone Species ELEPHANTS graphic organizer

This 2 sided graphic organizer helps consolidate information concerning elephants and their vital role in their ecosystems, the threats to elephant survival as a species and the social structure of the herds. This page is wonderful for class, lecture, video or

Keystone Species: How Predators Create Abundance and Stability - Nature and Community

The Beauty of Wildlife — Gray Wolf, North America by Tim Fitzharris.

Whitney Laboratory has established an oyster restoration initiative in the area. Learn more about the program by reading below. Frequently Asked Questions Why are oysters important? Oysters are keystone species on which other species depend. They provide cover, habitat and food for more than 180 other species of marine life. Oysters form bars and reefs...

Trophic Cascades Modeling Task (assessment in the style of NGSS)

I love this activity because it REALLY forces students dig into one of two really cool ecosystems--Yellowstone or Isle Royale. Prior to this activity, my Enviro Sci students spend some time learning about keystone species, invasive species, trophic cascades, food webs, top down/bottom up control, and the idea of interdependence.

In search of the starfish killer: the quest to save the original keystone species In search of the starfish killer: the quest to save the original keystone species