looks like cancelled artwork from Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus Photo: Artwork of Pit being pulled out as a Reset Bomb hits the ground

Kid+Icarus:+50+Faces+of+Pit+Sketches+by+Kanokawa.deviantart.com+on+@deviantART. EGGPLANT??? XD

I'm officially obsessed with Kid Icarus after playing Uprising. I can't stop drawing Pit, and this is what happens when you don't stop after 20 . Kid Icarus: 50 Faces of Pit Sketches

Uprising- Dark Pit and Chaos Kin

teeny doodle of a tiny bab I started drawing something, but it became cuter than planned, so I turned it into Pit. Dark Pit is cool and all but he will .

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This meme is unbelievably accurate to the game. It's unbelievably accurate to my life as well. Wouldn't it be nice to just be a tree?

A Picture Starring MEEEEEE!!!!! by AmazingArtistYellow Kid Icarus

(For those of you who have not played Kid Icarus: Uprising, yes, Pit would say that. A Picture Starring MEEEEEE!