fold a twin sheet in half long ways and sew ends together, next sew in five equal sections the size of a pillow case, next insert pillows leaving ends open to remove pillows and wash cover I could make one of these with all the millions of pillows we have

Pillow Bed: Step 1 - sew 5 pillow cases together Step 2 - insert pillows Step 3 - sew closed

The Craft Mess: Tutorial: Pillowcase Sleep-mats. Used Princess pillowcases for my 4 year old, she loves it!

The Craft Mess: Tutorial: Pillowcase Sleep-mats. Need to look for pillow cases with openings along middle back rather than at edge. Could then add poppers if wanted. Love this idea as easy to do!

4 pillow with cases sewn together makes one great day mat or roll up sleep over mat, fold under one & make a pillow

DIY Floor Pillow Bed Easy To Follow Video Instructions

DIY Pillow Mattress - 4 pillows and 3 yards of fabric- this would be awesome for an adult movie night too! no more hard floor

5 pillow cases sewn together and stuffed to make nap mats

Make a body pillow/ sleeping bag with 5 pillow cases. Everyone has at least 5 pillow cases in their linen closet.

Nap Mat with Applique Name Tutorial. Made for my daughter since she starts preschool this year. Very comfy, washable too.

Simple Dimples: Nap Mat Tutorial - always a comfy place for kids to take a nap no matter where they are ♥

Reinventing Outdoor Cushions into Sleepover Mats | Tween Crafts - Connecting Mom and Daughter through crafting

Reinventing Outdoor Cushions into Sleepover Mats - great idea with any cushions for an outdoor movie night

my mom made this for Maddie 3 years ago.  Now we need one for Jacob.  We get compliments all the time at daycare!

Not Your Everyday Nap Mat Tutorial . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a sleeping bag in 9 steps by sewing with fabric, fabric, and thread. How To posted by Jenny Garland.

How Do You Zoo Sleeping Bag (Fox) in Sleeping Bags | The Land of Nod

Between the pillow fights, snacking and giggling, sleepovers can get pretty wild. Luckily we have sleeping bags that are just as wild. They feature easy-to-match color schemes and charming animal faces you can use as pillows.

Turn those left over or old pillows into Pillow Mattress Beds for the kids or even your pets. They're ideal for sleepovers or family movie nights. Don't miss the Portable Nap Mats and the short video tutorial too!

DIY Floor Pillow Bed Easy To Follow Video Instructions

45. Comfortable Sleeping - Use foam tiles to make the tent floor more comfortable.

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55 Must Know Camping Tricks And Hacks That Will Make You A Camping Professional Serve Jam

DIY Kids Hippo Rug

Kids Hippo Rug makes a great crawl mat,sleeping mat,or playtime fun time mat.

Nap Mat Tutorial- Wish I had known I would need this sooner. Could have started it weeks ago.

Nap Mat Tutorial- sew pillow case to fabric sewn together to make sleeping bag and two long ties on each side to tie together when rolled up.