11 Cute Koala Bears for Your Tuesday                                                                                                                                                                                 More

11 Cute Koala Bears for Your Tuesday

**Koala carrying her 8 month old cub on her back in a Eucalyptus tree, Australia

Koala carrying 8 month old cub on her back on a Eucalyptus tree, Australia

Marie von Nitzsch & Hans Maxx Conrads | Near Portland, Fitzroy River, VIC -- #koala More

Isn't she gorgeous at baby koala! There is a colony of Koala's living at Raymond Island, East Gippsland, Victoria. Just around the corner from where I live.

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would say that the animal I am most like is a Koala bear. Koala's are always sleeping and eat a lot like me! They also have very thick fur just like I have very thick hair! Koala's are also pretty small like I am short. Koala's are my favourite animal!

Spring, in Australia, has heralded the arrival of more tiny paws at Taronga Zoo, with two new Koala joeys emerging from the pouch to the delight of keepers and visitors.

Koalas are very cute and are unique to Australia! Be sure to visit Australia to see some Koalas!

A sleepy, cuddly koala at a koala rescue centre. #koalas #rescue #Australia

Amazing wildlife - A sleeping Baby Koala nestled nicely in a tree. Taken in New South Wales, Australia.