Koi ponds add a great touch to any garden

Aquatic Plants and Fish in a Backyard Ecosystem Pond. Note how the pond comes up by the deck for enhanced viewing.

Koi Ponds Without Being Formal Koi Ponds

Koi Ponds Don’t Need to Look Like Black Liner Pools

awesome tranquility....would love to have a koi pond and seating area!! #pinmydreambackyard

In a small yard, the pond grew to fit the koi

Gazebo and pond. Want gazebo to overhang pond like this with bridge- www.waldenfarmandranch has the fish you need to stock your pond!

Koi are so much fun to feed!

Pond information - Custom pond construction and maintenance - Koi Ponds – Waterfalls - WaterGardens by Matt - Pinellas County, Florida – Pond Notes I want a koi pond and a waterfall (and watermelon)!

Picture Sundays: World’s Most Beautiful Raccoon Proofing - Root Simple

Picture Sundays: World’s Most Beautiful Raccoon Proofing (Root Simple)

A creative pond cover to help keep kids around the pond safe, as well as warding off fish-thieving larger birds and other animals.

Koi Pond - DIY

Koi Carp: The Definitive Guide To A DIY Pond

In the summer, pond water tends to get foggy. I like to drain our small pond about filling back up with fresh water. I use the pond water to water plants.They love the fish water! Dual purpose-clean the pond and feed plants great nutrient!