Lady Kylo Ren scar

Lady Kylo Ren scar

Why you give him sexy face scar JJ...I need to stop having a crush on him and you're not helping (although I totally recognize that it's paralleling Anakin's face scar in RotS along with the hair but STILL)

knights-of-ben-solo “The Reunion” ft. Rey’s new hair + outfit, Kylo’s assumed new outfit + episode VII scar, and Ach-To, where it is rumored they meet again

Kylo Ren - Star Wars << I love Kylo Ren, he's like an adorable angry little puppy.

Kylo Ren All there is, is pain. Eventually it drove him over the edge in The Last Jedi

He looks hotter with the scar! And this is the first clear shot I've seen of his neck and shoulder burn.

Rey and Kylo - Beauty and the Beast, Scavenger and the Monstah, Their Bond, His Love, Her Confused Feelings - Page 26

[THE LAST JEDI SPOILERS] Kylo Ren crying fully destroys my soul.

nikkinotions: “OH MA GOD REYLO FAM So It just dawned upon me…The first Force Bond experience they had… *Think about the other times they connect, when Rey is enjoying the rain…when she is upset/angry, when she is lonely, or when she has parted.

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I can imagine the whole How Mom met Dad thing---Son: "How did you and mommy meet daddy" and then Kylo just looks at a smirking Rey. Rey:"I struck him down" "God Rey NO"

Kylo Ren - making scar's beautiful the galaxy over <<< that scar... ❤ why does he have to be so evil, yet look so good?? #StarWars #Inagalaxyfarfaraway

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“Adam Driver tells Kamp in their cover story that Kylo Ren’s wounds go much deeper than the fearsome new scar on his face.

Kylo Ren--I'm not even sorry about how many pictures of him I'm pinning...he's SUCH a great character! So complicated....and there IS still light in him...

holepsi: SWTFA Kylo Ren “ A lot of people seemed to like that Kylo sketch I posted not so long ago, so I decided to spend an hour or so more and Improve™ it.

Snow base Star Wars the force awakens kylo ren scar funko pop custom figure

Snow base Star Wars the force awakens kylo ren scar funko pop custom figure

The first thing I thought << me too lol SO glad these pics have surfaced!! Best part of the movie lol

This also serves the purpose of showing his scars from the snow fight! A literal representation that he has been changed by his interactions with Rey.