50+ Reasons why Laci Green (and myself) is a feminist

51 pretty shocking facts that make things harder for every woman you have ever met.

I'm a feminist because I believe in gender equality

Why I’m A Feminist -- Laci Green is one of my absolute favorite people ever.

Peer Sex Educator Laci Green's YouTube channel - great resource for teaching sex/health/relationship ed. to secondary schoolers

Sooo meeting this حابيبتي in 2016 late june im gonna say that i was ccmsd agnt my wll and then be like 😞😔😑😢😢😢😞 just to take it to base or !

Watching Laci Green on this fine evening #feminism #intersectionalfeminism…

This is important, if you call things racism that are not, then you take awaypower from the real problems

12/13/12 Laci Green -Slut shamming is used by patriarchy to punish women who go against the social norm that has been prescribed to women.  Slut shamming is a part of patriarchy used to sham women for acting in a way that isn't allowed by patriarchy. When a women takes charge of her sexuality, she is punished socially for being a slut. Without feminism, women would always be the blame in rape cases. Without feminism, women would have no sexual rights or freedoms.

RE: JENNA MARBLES: SLUT EDITION. Slut shaming: (verb) Insulting a woman for expressing her sexuality in a way in which we don't like or approve. I absolutely love Laci Green and I recommend ALL her videos!

Stop slut-shaming! I just love Laci Green!

Trees never judge you. I just love Laci Green!

Ohai I'm Laci Green! I'm a sex education activist. Full bio here: http://lacigreen.tv/about-sex/who-is-laci-green Book me at your school here: http://lacigre...

SEX+ with Laci Green, a sex education activist host a frank video series about sexuality

"Why Atheists Care About YOUR Religion" THIS IS BEYOND BRILLIANT! Gotta love Laci Green :)

"Why Atheists Care About YOUR Religion" by Laci Green - I don't know who she is, but the message is great. Shame about the ridiculously loud background music.


So laci green just won a Streamy Award for 'best science and education'. Seems like all that Social Justice Warrior stuff might be paying off for her!

Laci Green--fave sex+ educator and activist

Laci Green--fave sex educator and activist