Giant LEGO City set to launch Space Shuttle in 3, 2, 1

Giant LEGO City set to launch Space Shuttle in 1 (Favorite Spaces Awesome)

Space Shuttle Expedition Lego Set $99.99

Space Shuttle Expedition Lego Set

10231 Shuttle Expedition - LEGO Space is now available on KidzChoice.

Romanian teenager Raul Oaida engaged the help of Melburnian entrepreneur Stever Sammatino to put together a 'mini project' to remind others that "we're in an age now where we can do cool things just because they're cool, that need no financial reasons".    So a space shuttle, attached with a helium-filled balloon, a GPS and video camera was launched successfully into space, as a tribute to the end of the space shuttle era. All these captured in a video we think is very inspiring to watch.

Lego Space Shuttle Nearly Reaches Space [VIDEO]

Space Shuttle Vehicle Assembly Building: A LEGO® creation by Matteo Russolillo :

Space Shuttle Vehicle Assembly Building :: My LEGO creations. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, where space shuttle is build up and set for the mission.

lego space shuttle - I have the shuttle built, but need to build the shuttle carrier

Lego space shuttle - just one more thing on my Lego to-do list.

Build a Space Shuttle with Bricksir step-by-step lego building instructions. Only using standard bricks! Available in iPhone and iPad. Free download at #bricksir #lego #kidsactivities #homeschool

Bricksir app provides step-by-step lego instructions using only standard bricks to build cool lego models.

Container Shuttle Craft CSC: A LEGO® creation by Daniel Hamann :

Container Shuttle Craft CSC: A LEGO® creation by Daniel Hamann :

Lego spaceship battalion

My Favourite Spaceships in the World Aren't in Games, or Movies, but LEGO

Battle Group - Microscale LEGO spaceships * Battleship Vanguard * Cruiser Kirov * Escort Carrier Guadalcanal * Fighter squadron * Destroyer Hibiki * Hospital ship Compassion * Gunboats * Shuttle (in Vanguard landing bay)

The space shuttle Enterprise, has a new baby brother. A fully-detailed, 1/35th scale replica of the prototype orbiter. Today, Ed Diment, Lego "Master Builder," unveiled his latest model at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

I Want This 3-Foot-Long Lego Space Shuttle So Badly