Numb by Linkin Park. One of my favorite songs by them.

Sometimes it actually feels like this song is written just for me, like. I've lost track on how many times this song ever has helped me getting clearer thoughts Numb~Linkin Park

Linkin park

I only have Meteora album.

linkin park minutes to midnight album cover | linkin-park-minutes-to-midnight-final-official-cd-cover-album-art-2007 ...

Linkin Park – Minutes To Midnight

Linkin Park - Castle of glass by Vikuutt

Castle of Glass - Linkin Park. One of my favorite songs of their album "Living Things.

Lost In The Echo - Linkin Park

Paula Stevenson on

So one last lie *snarls* I can see through *reaches towards camera* this time I'll finally *puts left foot on amp, bends over, crinkles eyes shut and activates scream-voice* LET YOU GOOOOOoooOoOoooo!