(FC: Alexandra Catherine Axelina) Hey, the name's Clair. I'm 18 and a black wolf. I'm a loner, like to go on adventures in the forest, read, listen to music, and be sarcastic to whoever bothers me. I'm pretty tough and could take most people in a fight so watch your back.

What is Your Alternative Stereotype?

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I want angel bites and snake bites...but I'd only ever wear one pair at a time. P:

Beautiful examples of lip piercings

Cool piercing Ideas For Girls (10)

40 Cool Piercing Ideas For Girls

My next piercingss ! im also going to get my dimples pierced , my double nose piercing, maybe get a double septum ! Yay i love piercings

snake bites, gauges, AND gorgeous eyes:D :D :D :D :D guys with piercings❤️

Facial Piercings Affect Perceived Attractiveness & Intelligence? Nose Ear Lip Brow Piercings & Perception

Snake Bite piercings are a set of two lip piercings with one placed on either side of the lower lip. These piercings can be done at the same time or separately. totally getting snake bites before my vacation

Lip Piercings Explained Infographic

Lip Piercings Explained Infographic <<< I'm saving this because it's a good writing reference

15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know

15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know

learn the difference between your favorite lip piercings and their proper names

I want pretty flowers tattoo lips orchids

beautiful flower tattoo not the kiss tattoo i don't like that one! I'm looking at the beautiful colored flowers!