From my lips to God's ear...may this be true for all of us hahaha! Have a beautiful day folks! #love, #living, #wine!

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They are Baby! So sweet & seductive.they always leave me wanting U more.drunk with desire & losing control of my emotions.Kiss me Baby & take advantage of me! I'm Yours!

Life quotes about a woman’s life is an effort to give words to some very deep emotions. The feelings that a woman often buries deep in her heart and they never part her lips. Life quotes are about letting the world hear what a woman feels about few things in her life. How she feels …

Some women fear the fire some women simply become it. Some women fear the fire some women simply become it.

How true this is for me @bettylarrea From the first words to the last and the ones that will surface in the silence. These words are from my journal written 2 days after we met. I knew then like I know now that what I want is someone who can BE with all of me all that I am learning to embrace to love in myself and I know that I shall HAVE it. I think you deserve to know before you even kiss me that I feel oh so deeply that poetry runs through my veins that you will become my muse that once…

Poetry runs in my veins and explodes in my heart with echoes of passion from the only embrace which ever really mattered as tears burn my flushed cheeks.

Want.   Erin Van Vuren

poetic desire [QUOTE, Relationship: 'Make me feel like I am a river, ad you have been thirsty your entire life.