Lisa Frank --- Oh yes, I had quite a Lisa Frank sticker collection... I had an entire roll of these kitten stickers...

This was always one of my favorite Lisa Frank pictures, and still is! I had a folder with this on it in school and I LOVED it! I still love Lisa Frank to this day as an adult - love how Target sometimes gets her stuff too!

I had this as a folder and i cried when my mom made me throw it away when it was to ratty to use

23 Reasons Why Lisa Frank Was A Genius

Official “Lisa Frank” Apparel For Adults

Official "Lisa Frank" Apparel For Adults

Lisa Frank Logo Sweatshirt Show off your Lisa Frank pride in this toasty warm logo sweatshirt. The brilliant Lisa Frank colors pop off the black background of these polyester, machine washable sweatshirts.

Lisa Frank Forrest the Tiger Cub Postcard Tropical

This postcard is a licensed product of Lisa Frank in excellent unused condition Beautiful and hard to find!