For some reason I'm really digging the hyper-aggressive 80s pre-grunge of The Lost Boys right the movie is awesome.

The Lost Boys (1987)

Some of the cast members of The Lost Boys. The Lost Boys is one of the films that made vampires sexy and bloodsucking hip long before th.

Lost Boy-Ruth B. Amazing song.

Lost Boy-Ruth B. Amazing song but if you read the book Lost Boys aren't free because when they start to grow up Peter Pan kills them!

The Lost Boys Soundtrack , People Are Strange - By Echo & The Bunnymen . HOWEVER, it was ORIGINALLY sang by The Doors.  I like both though and I love The Lost Boys..

The Lost Boys is a classic comedy horror movie about vampires who have taken over a small town. The movie stars Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman

The Lost Boys I love the soundtrack of this movie, wore out several cassettes. Thank god for cd's

The Lost Boys - Minimal Style 12x16 Print - The Vampire Hunters Edition

"The Lost Boys" - "Cry Little Sister" (by G Tom Mac). Loved this song when I first saw the movie - perfect mood!

^♥^v^♥^ The Lost Boys ~ Cry Little Sister ~ Theme From The Lost Boys ~ Performed by Gerard McMann (aka Gerard McMahon & G Tom Mac) -- "Original The Lost Boys Cry Little Sister by G Tom Mac" (Original Music Video)

Hello, this is my tribute to a great movie and a great song. This is my first music video btw :P I hope you enjoy!    Tim Cappello - I Still Believe  Lost Boys Soundtrack    Copyright Warner Bros.

::::: The Lost Boys - Tim Cappello - I Still Believe - Music Video :::::: epic

This song still resonates with me...and Keifer still makes one kick-ass Vamp. "Hugo" in THE COVEN, will be just as lethal, but a bit more tragic.

Cry LIttle Sister by G Tom Mac from lost boys soundtrack. The Lost Boys was about a bunch of misfits who turn out to be vampires. It's the amazing track that I like, much more than the video itself.