LOVE waking up to the smell of testosterone in my bed...

This is why I admire guys who can shoot a gun, because there are so many "girly guys" today. If you can shoot a gun, I tip my hat off to you!

35 I Miss You Quotes for Her | Missing You Girlfriend Quotes - Part 13

35 I Miss You Quotes for Her

Every day feels likes its been another year since i have seen you. Duty separates us by miles but love keeps us together no matter what

The amazing overwhelming love only a military wife can feel. Such a special kind of love ♥

I wouldn't say you don't know real love. Real love is different for everyone. Military love is hard, unique but in my opinion the best there is.

I still hold onto the Prayer shawl they gave you...every night...

Each night I put my head to my pillow I try to tell myself I’m strong because I’ve gone one more day without you.

Interesting.  I think I'll do this. It's a good thing to keep him positive and help him keep his mental state up

What Do You Put In An Open When Envelope?

"What I sent my love during Marine Corps bootcamp. Marine military love letters milso ideas DIY usmc marine girlfriend fiancé wife army navy Air Force marines soldier" -- how sweet!

What's your name?

Seriously funny apparently im a triple drunk, im loyal, easy to fall in love with, and the best friend that anyone can ask for.