Snow makes the prettiest (and sweetest!) pictures.

16 Snowscape Winter Engagement Photo Ideas That Are Crazy Beautiful

10 imagens que marcaram o mundo da fotografia

10 imagens que marcaram o mundo da fotografia

Legendary kiss V–J day in Times Square Alfred Eisenstaedt , was published in Life in 1945 with the caption, In New York's Times Square a white-clad girl clutches her purse and skirt as an uninhibited sailor plants his lips squarely on hers

50 of Poetry's most poignant lines: I Carry Your Heart

50 most poignant lines from poetry

Remember to take lots of photos...when you get older, you'll love reviewing the moments of your life. The photos document your love ...its silly, my advice is don't be afraid to take a few photos along the way. Enjoy the moments of your!

The 20 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your 20s

Inspiring picture beautiful, black and white, camera, couple. Find the picture to your taste!

When it comes to boyfriends, no one quite measures up to a Cancer.

7 Reasons Cancers Are The Best Boyfriend Material In The Zodiac

better together |

32 Things You Wished You Would've Learned In School

Sometimes all you need is each other and the stars above you, give her a romantic necklace to make it a night she'll never forget.I love watching stars alone in night ❤❤

Bible Verses For A Season Of Waiting

11 Bible Verses For When You Feel Impatient

This image is future play. I think about my future all the time, what I want out of life. A family, a home, somebody to love unconditionally. I want to be a parent some day and have a family. This image goes with my explorer personality because I want to explore life, its meaning, and all of its glory, life and love, and most of all family. Nothing is more exciting to me than exploring life in this way.

10 Reasons to Get Psyched for the Holidays

Sleepy Saturday vibes | Image by Karina & Maks

Cozy Cabin Couple Portraits in Hood River, OR

Cuddles, a pillow fight, and pancakes in bed make these cabin couple portraits captured by photographers Karina & Maks some of the sweetest ones yet.

42 Funny Pictures That Will Make Your Day

42 Funny Pictures That Will Make Your Day

All I can think about is Hobbs in a dress and its kinda freaking me out because Dwayne Johnson might be down for it but I don't think Hobbs would be