((Luke Hemmings)) Luke) smiles "Hey, I'm Luke! I'm single and a werewolf. I don't hate any species. Um... Okay?" Chuckles "Come say hi!"

Happy Birthday Can't believe your 20 alredy< time is going by so fast! Love you, and see you in Charlotte!>> Love you Luke!

Luke Hemmings// Hello, I'm Lucas but most people call me Luke. I was trained to use axes so they are my best weapon. I'm 17 and in District 11

~ Addie Gram is the typical small town girl with big dreams. When s… Fanfiction

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\\Was raped by a police officer\\ "Hello, I'm Mr. Hemmings, but call me Luke.

hiya! i am lukey! well luke  but i like lukey!  i am 18 and single *winks*feel free to come say hi! intro?

i am lukey! well luke hemmings but i like lukey! i am 18 and single *winks*Evan, Madi and Lexi are my younger siblings. Hurt em your dead. feel free to come say hi!

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"Hey Im Luke Hemmings. Im the lead singer for a band. Im a outgoing party guy, and love my sister, and friends. Im never shy, and get along well with most people.

"Ello. Im Luke! Im 20 years old and the lead singer in a band. Im single and looking for a girlfriend. I can be a flirt sometimes. Im a lover of music, penguins, hot chocolate, and pizza. I love Christmas time. I can't wait to spend the season with my loved one and hopefully some new friends. Come say hi!"

Luke Hemmings on

Curly hair Luke looks even more like Ashton in this picture

HELLO FAM! You guys can now add people to this group board. You know, if you want. Also, Luke is so freaking adorable.

Ima "Good Girl" Thats what people say. But according to luke, good girls are bad girls that havent been caught.

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"Hey, I'm luke. I'm in a band called 5 seconds of summer and I have a little sister named bean. I am the rhythm guitarist and the lead singer. That's pretty much it" I shrug