Madame Alexander and some of her dolls

She was an American entrepreneur who created the first "collectible" dolls based on a licensed character – Scarlett O'Hara from the book and movie Gone with the Wind. She was also one of the early creators of mass-produced dolls in honor of living people.

Madame Alexander dolls- I had a collection of these THAT I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH. I always swore I would never do that to my kids and I never have. And the dolls? Were destroyed when my parents moved to their respective new homes.

Wizard of Oz - Madame Alexander "Dorothy" Doll with Toto and Ruby Slippers

Vintage baby doll, Madame Alexander doll, 'Puddin', from 1970's   And I still have mine.  I need to get her out and put her on my bed

Vintage baby doll, Madame Alexander doll, 'Puddin', mint in box from 1970's

Vintage baby doll, Madame Alexander doll, 'Puddin', from daughter had this exact doll including the yellow gingham dress.

Retired+Madame+Alexander+Dolls | Madame Alexander® Madeline Doll - MetKids - The Met Store

Madame Alexander® Madeline Doll

images of madame alexander dolls | MADAME ALEXANDER Madame Alexander Doll at Replacements, Ltd. My sister has this Scarlett O'Hara doll.

Many Madame Alexander dolls years old. Inquiries for details only if truly interested in the collection, probably 20 dolls.

Madame Alexander Doll -  Victoria, I named mine Pudda because I already had the smaller version "Puddin"

Victoria - Madame Alexander Doll My Victoria doll was given to me by my Mom. Especially when you compare to the other Victoria doll my Mom bought herself and my sister!


~ Hard Plastic Madame Alexander Maggie Face "Alice In Wonderland" Doll ~ The doll my sister and I received for Christmas as children.

Ultra Pretty Madame Alexander Doll, light pink frock!

Simply beautiful vintage Madame Alexander "Millennium Bouquet"---LOVED my Miss Alexander dolls when I was a girl