Evening Dress, Madeleine Vionnet (Paris, France): ca. 1930, silk jersey, jewelled straps.

Evening Dress, Madeleine Vionnet (Paris, France): ca. Vionnet was a master of the bias cut. Cutting fabric on the bias makes it become naturally stretchy and hug to the body.

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Model in Madeleine Vionnet’s crinoline of black net with bands of chenile and diamond bracelets from Tiffany’s, photo by George Hoyningen-Huene, Harper’s Bazaar, May Three artists to appreciate and on classic fashion publication.

Madeline Vionnet: French fashion designer who wasn't successful until after the War in the 1920s, when she became a part of haute couture; known for her creation of the bias cut, which was a diagonal cut of fabric so that it had greater stretch and accentuated the curves of the body

Madame Grès junto a uno de sus diseños en 1946 (Eugène Rubin/ FNAC/ Centre national des arts plastiques – ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Paris)

Court presentation gown, 1938, Vionnet.  Grey silk chiffon with rhinestones and silver beads.  FIT Chic Chicago exhibit.

Madeleine Vionnet, court presentation gown, smoke-gray chiffon, rhinestones and silver beads,

The artistry of Madeleine Vionnet.

Vionnet Dress with Fan, New York, 1974 Inventive Paris Clothes, Photographer: Irving Penn

Madeleine Vionnet. Photo Man Ray 1937 for Vanity Fair

Photos: Photos: The Favorite Fashion Designer of Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary, Madeleine Vionnet

Vionnet Dress - c- 1933 - by Madeleine Vionnet, France - Black rayon jersey one-piece dress; vermillion silk crepe sash; bias cut -

Vintage Fashion: Vionnet Dress - c- 1933 - by Madeleine Vionnet, France - Black rayon jersey one-piece dress; bias cut - Gift of the Estate of Tina Chaw - Watsonette

Evening dress Madeleine Vionnet  (French, Chilleurs-aux-Bois 1876–1975 Paris)   Maker: Sophie Gimbel (American) Date: 1925 Culture: American or European Medium: silk. Sideways

Evening dress, Madeleine Vionnet (French, Maker: Sophie Gimbel (American), Date: Culture: American or European, Medium: silk.

I love this Madeline Vionnet dress the best!

Bias cut: technique for cutting fabric Madeleine Vionnet introduced utilizing the diagonal rather that the cross grain and grain line of fabric. This gave the material more stretch and drape.

1923, Lanvin, madeleine vionnet

Evening Gown by Norman Hartnell, 1924 , originally uploaded by Gatochy . "The long, white evening gown by Norman Hartnell, migh.

Dress, Evening  Madeleine Vionnet  (French, Chilleurs-aux-Bois 1876–1975 Paris)  Date: spring/summer 1937

Vionnet Dress - Back - SS 1937 - by Madeleine Vionnet (French, - Silk - Modèle - Watsonette gorgeous vintage down with awesome unique back